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We help you buy a home step-by-step.


Each step of the way, we will tell you exactly what is happening and what will happen next.  We explain each document before you sign and tell you how long you have to pay the deposit, get the property inspected, apply for the loan, get approved, appraise the property, survey the property and close.  We will tell you what you need to do and in what timeframe.  After each step is complete, we will help you with the next step.  We will tell you what will happen if you complete the task in time and what could happen if you don’t and why.  You will be an informed Buyer.


We will get your Pre-qualification letters in 24 hours.  


We partner with lenders to make sure you can get a pre-qualification letter in 24 hours.  We want to make sure you to be ready to make an offer when you find that perfect new home. 


We help you find the right house.


Tell us what you are looking for and we will set up a automated email program to send you an email as soon as a house fitting your criteria goes on the market. You provide us with your email address, price range, desired area, bedroom and bathroom requirements, and we will send you a report on the matching houses directly into your email inbox.   


We give you quick access to properties.


Once you find a house for sale that you like, you may need to move quickly.  If the perfect property comes on the market, we will drop everything and get you inside that property immediately.  


We make sure you don’t pay too much.


We will research the property before you make an offer.  We will show you how much all similar properties have recently sold for in the same area. 



We are experienced negotiators. 


We have been buying and selling properties for many, many years.  We know how to negotiate.  We can get you a great deal on a property.  We made this statement recently to a client.  The client said “We want a great deal on this house”.  We explained to him that he could have a great deal or that house.  If you are not willing to walk away from a house, you won’t get a great deal.  He agreed to walk away; the Seller’s Realtor contacted us after we walked. He was able to get that house for $24,900 less. 



We use easy instant signing and offer 24/7 access to documents. 


We use Authenisign to make it faster and easier to get your future home under contract. Authenisign is a software program, which allows you to sign your documents electronically through email instead of faxing, scanning and mailing contracts and agreements, Authenisign allows you to sign your paperwork with one click through your email.  You can instantly sign all the paperwork to prepare for the closing of your sale.  If you misplace a document, no problem.  Once paperwork is signed, you will have 24/7 electronic access to all contracts and agreements in your online electronic file.


We don’t let important dates slip by.


If the property fails inspection and you didn’t perform the inspection within the inspection period stated on the contract, the lender may not lend the money for the property and you may lose you deposit.  Inspecting the property before the inspection period expires, is critical.



We can help with failed property inspections. 


In addition to sales, we also manage investment properties for clients.  We have a handyman on staff and have a long list of loyal licensed vendors for our property management business.  We also offer this service to our Buyers. When a property fails the your inspection, we can help the Seller make the repairs for little or no money and get the contract back on track.  We don’t want you to lose your dream home because the Seller can’t find a good contractor at a reasonable price.


Hire A Realtor Who Doesn’t Charge a Cancellation Fee.        


We keep our customer by exceeding their expectations, not threatening them with a huge fee.  We never charge a cancellation fee.  We don’t think we should be paid if we didn’t do our job, which is to help you buy your new home.   


We want you to forever remember the thrill of purchasing your new home.


We provide you with photographs of your new home, including aerial photos.  With your permission, we even photograph you signing the final paperwork at closing.  We want to make sure you remember this wonderful experience of buying your own home.


We want you to be safe in your new home.


We care about our clients and we want them to be safe.  After closing, we will change all locks to the property at no charge to our clients.

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