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Hiring a Big Company vs. a Small Company. 


Bigger is not necessarily better when hiring a real estate firm.  Most large companies are just a group of individual agents who work completely independent of each other, but happen to work for the same company.  Their national advertising spots promote the company name in an effort to attract more agents thereby getting the company a bigger piece of the real estate pie.  This does not help you sell your property.  At Principle Realty, LLC, we erase the lines and support each other.  Our clients belong to Principle Realty, LLC, not to a particular agent.  You have one point of contact, but we work as a team with the sole purpose of selling your property.


Price Your Property Correctly.


We provide you with a free Comparative Market Analysis to help determine the sales price for your property.  We assist you setting the price as high as most buyers will pay, keeping in mind the timeframe in which you want the property sold.  The research involves recent sales, listings, sales trends and we consider any extra features your property offers.  We are careful not to set the price too high, which allows the property to become stale on the market.  We also provide you with a list of active properties in the same area and price range.  Knowing your competition makes pricing your property easier.



We Use Easy Instant Signing. 


We use Authenisign to make it faster and easier to get your property on the market and under contract. Authenisign is a software program, which allows you to sign your documents electronically through email.  Instead of faxing, scanning and mailing contracts and agreements, Authenisign allows you to sign your paperwork with one click through your email.  You can instantly sign all the paperwork to prepare for the closing of your sale.  If you misplace a document, no problem.  Once paperwork is signed, you will have 24/7 electronic access to all contracts and agreements in your online electronic file.


We Aggressively Market Your Property within 24 Hours of Receiving Signed Agreement.


Your property is placed on the market within 24 hours of receiving a signed agreement, but we don’t stop there.  We don’t just put your property on the Multiple Listing Service and wait for an offer.  We place your property on the MLS, our website and more than 10 other Websites.  Your property gets maximum exposure at no extra charge.  We regularly review your listing to make sure that it is priced competitively.  The list price may need adjustment up or down.  In addition, we provide property booklets and flyers highlighting your property features with picture and sales information for all showings.  We want the buyer to leave the property showing with complete property information and pictures in hand.  We make sure they remember your property when they are ready to make their decision. 


Aerial Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words


We take many, many, pictures of your property highlighting its best features.  We also provide free aerial pictures of your home.  All of this for no extra charge. 



We Make Showing the Property Easy. 


If the property is vacant, we will place a lockbox on the property and have a complete staff of customer service representatives take calls, log each call, set up the showings and email notifications to you.  If the property is owner or tenant occupied, you may inform us the hours the property will be available to show and how much notice is required.  Our customer service representatives will take calls, contact you or the tenant to set up appointments, log each call and email the results to you.


We Keep You Informed 24/7. 


Do you want to know how many times your property has been shown, when it was shown and feedback from the potential buyers?  We give you a website address and password so you can check this information 24/7 or we can set up automatic emails to notify you each time your property is shown.  We keep a complete list of everyone who has seen your property and their email address.  If you make a change in your listing, an email is automatically sent notifying all interested parties of the change.


We are Experienced Negotiators. 


We have been buying and selling properties for many, many years.  We know how to negotiate.  In a multiple offer situation, we don’t just recommend you accept the higher offer.  We go back to the buyers and request they make their “highest and best final offer”.  We make the extra effort, which increases all offers and allow you to get the best possible price.


We are Experienced Agents. 


We walk you through the entire sale telling you step by step what will happen next.  We protect your interests during the entire process.  Sometimes we run into issues where someone hired a friend who is in the real estate business.  The friend knows how to complete the paperwork and it seems like that’s all you need.  That may be true, as long as everything goes perfectly.  If anything goes wrong during the transaction, you need someone with years and years of experience to save the sale and bring the deal to the closing table.  You may find out too late, you’ve hired the wrong agent.


Hire A Realtor Who Doesn’t Charge a Cancellation Fee.        


We keep our customer by exceeding their expectations, not threatening them with a huge fee.  We never charge a cancellation fee.  We don’t think we should be paid if we didn’t do our job, which is to sell your home.   


We Can Help With Failed Property Inspections. 


In addition to sales, we also manage investment properties for clients.  We have a handyman on staff and have a long list of loyal licensed vendors for our property management business.  We also offer this service to our sales clients.  When a property fails the Buyers inspection, we can perform minor repairs and get the contract back on track for little or no money.  Selling your property can be stressful.  We are here to get you through the process with assurance and all the support you need. 

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