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Property Management

We actually show your property. 


Did you know some property management companies do not show your property?  They give out lockbox codes or charge a nominal fee to a credit card to identify the potential tenant and allow that tenant to view your property alone.  Principle Realty, LLC never allows a potential tenant inside your property without being accompanied by a licensed property manager.  This results in a much, much lower vacancy rate.  


We use today’s technology to your benefit.


When making owner disbursement payments to you, you have the option to receive payments by check or electronic transfer directly into your checking account.  We also use technology to allow your tenants a more convenient way to pay rent.  The tenant can pay by phone, online or have their monthly rent automatically withdrawn from their checking account each month.  Our tenants who are not up on today’s technology can drop off their payment or mail it to us.  If the tenant does not pay rent on time, we have an automated system to call the tenant and play a pre-recorded message reminding them rent is past due.


We know the local rental market and current rental rates.


Our associates have worked in the tri-county area for over 50 years combined and we know this market.  Principle Realty, LLC knows when you are asking too much rent and when you are asking too little.  If you ask too much, the unit will remain empty.  If the property remains empty longer because the rent is too high, your annual income is reduced even if you secure a tenant at the higher monthly rental rate, due to the months of lost rent. 


We advertise your property. 


Principle Realty, LLC actively and aggressively seeks a suitable tenant until your property is rented.  The property is listed on all major rental sites including our website.  Most properties are rented within 30 days or less. 


We are experienced in choosing the right tenant for the right property.


Principle Realty, LLC gathers information regarding each rental application.  Not all applications will qualify for all properties.  Some high-end properties may have more stringent qualifications, while some low-end properties may have more relaxed qualifications.


We track all property assets including major appliances and Central Heat & Air Systems.


Principle Realty, LLC tracks all assets and information regarding your property.  As soon as we are hired we inventory, photograph and record the serial numbers and model numbers of each major appliance.  If we hire a painter, we track the paint colors.  We also provide before and after pictures in a professional bound book.   


Principle Realty, LLC shops for the best vendors at the lowest price without adding a service charge for each repair. 


Our property management team negotiates with qualified vendors for the best service at the lowest price.  We never add a service fee to a vendor’s invoice, as most management companies do.  You pay exactly what the vendor charges us.


We know how to use eviction laws to your benefit. 


Principle Realty knows what to do to protect your rights as a property owner.   From time to time, we get a new client with a non-paying tenant.  We know how to quickly evict a non-paying tenant. The procedure required by Florida law allows a landlord to remove a non-paying tenant in approximately three weeks or less, provided you file the proper forms at the proper time.   We use the rules to your advantage. We quickly remove your non-paying tenant and turn your property back into an income producing property.


We are fiscally responsible.


Principle Realty, LLC collects and remits your rental payments in a timely manner.  Reporting and accounting is professionally performed.  Reports are sent out each month.  At the end of the year, you will receive a report showing all payments sent and received.  The report will include copies of each and every invoice in a professional bound book.  In addition, a 1099 will be enclosed for use in tax return preparation.


We charge a reasonable rate with no hidden fees.


Some companies add a 10% surcharge to each invoice when they hire a vendor to perform work at your property.  They charge an entire month of rent to secure a tenant.  They charge attorneys fees to prepare each lease.  Some even charge a monthly fee for postage, whether you use it or not.  Principle Realty. LLC does not add a surcharge.  We charge you what the vendor charges us.  We only charge $350 to secure a tenant, which includes lease preparation.  We know if you are not successful, we are not successful. 

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